Firewise USA Community

The Texas Hill Estates Fire Safe Council (THEFSC ) is now recognized as an official Firewise USA Community. The goal of the Firewise Program is to reduce the loss of lives, property, and resources from wildland fire by building and maintaining communities in a way that is compatible with our natural surroundings. With your help, we're making progress toward this goal.



As neighbors get together to do work, often meeting one another for the first time, they build a stronger bond with each other. Activity can help rally people to a common cause for the good of the neighborhood. This strengthening of community ties can benefit residents in many ways, and is especially helpful during an emergency.


While the work can be fun, it isn’t always easy. Neighbors work very hard in communities to remove brush and debris, clean up common areas, and dispose of green waste. They are rightly proud when they achieve national recognition for their efforts.


Preference is sometimes given to Firewise USA sites over other candidates when allocations of grant money are made for wildfire safety or fuel mitigation. The reason is that there are invariably more requests than available funds when grants are available through state or federal agencies. If requests are equally worthy, some officials tend to have more confidence in communities that have demonstrated the foresight of becoming a recognized Firewise USA site.


Homeowners insured by the California FAIR Plan may be eligible for insurance discounts if they live in a recognized Firewise USA site. These discounts are not guaranteed, and are not administered by the NFPA/Firewise USA program. Other insurers may offer these discounts as well.  Contact your agent for questions.  

Keeping this rating

To keep this rating, we need to show progress each year as we improve our fire resilience.  So keep up the good work on creating defensible space and hardening your home!

In addition, please help us report work on your property and keep our Firewise certification.  If you or someone you hire has completed work, please complete our Volunteer Hours/Cost form (can also be found on the Forms page) and either email it to or mail it to PO Box 816 Placerville, CA 95667.  Thank you!